Use MPC to sign transactions without ever constructing a private key

Sign transactions without generating, using or re-assembling a private key

MPC provides the accessibility of Hot Wallet with the security of Cold Storage

Eliminate the trade-off between:

  • ● Cold Storage which is secure but slow
  • ● Hot Wallets which are fast but vulnerable

Benefits of MPC technology

Compatible with Hardware Secure Modules (HSMs)

Use your existing infrastructure to store and generate key fragments

Compatible with Cold Storage

Key fragments can be used for offline signing


Private key is never constructed in full, removes single point of failure

Blockchain Agnostic

Works with all leading Blockchains


Outside world is oblivious to MPC setup

Cost Effective

No additional costs for signing

Who would use Shard X?

Leadership Team

Yaniv Neu-Ner

CEO & Co-Founder

Nikita Lesnikov


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